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Backend and DevOps (Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Python, Graphql)

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Mid-Level, Senior, Full-time

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ion h2 prefer someone close 2 to 2 hrs in east standard time zone finetune is seeking a senior python xa0 devops enginee
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About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior
Role: Backend Developer, DevOps
Industry: Assessment, Education Technology, Human Resources
Company size: 11–50 people
Company type: Private


Job description

Prefer someone close (-2 to +2 hrs) in East Standard Time zone

FineTune is seeking a strong senior python + devops engineer who will be the expert in residence around

  • AWS (Google Cloud or any public cloud) infrastructure scaling, monitoring
  • python
  • sql, nosql and various database optimization
  • docker operations and microservices using Kubernetes
  • S3, SQS, message queues
  • Auto scaling

S/he must have hands on experience working with at least 3 production released software projects/products.  We expect him/her to be highly proficient python developer also to also contribute to development of scalable services.  S/he must also have hands on experience with docker in production via Kubernetes like orchestration, comfortable with terraform or cloudformation and other cloud automation frameworks. 

S/he should be comfortable solving complex system problems while making sure to help increase velocity for software team when building new and updating existing services to scale to support 100k+ users

S/he should also be comfortable interacting with stakeholder and provide guidance on the technical feasibility and scope of engineering/rearchitecting needed to solve problems and deliver features.
Devops engineer will work with engineering to find best ways to increase reliable continuous integration, continuous deployment to enhance software quality and development speed.

S/he will interface with CTO to continuously drive scalability, automation, innovation and new product development while promoting and advancing the scalability and modularization of current platform we are working on with Collegeboard.

About FineTune Learning

We are working on a variety of projects from componentizing and enhancing front end reactjs to optimize user experience and reusability of components.  We are constantly collecting data on users to help recommend better resources for their learning.  We build interesting but simple dashboards that may help teachers become more data driven.  We work on behavioral experiments via randomized control trial through our software. Our backend is mostly python/sqlalchemy and supports graphql and diverse set of databases depending on the application.  Continuous integration and continuous deployment are next in our pipeline. We are facing challenges in scalability and automation which we plan to tackle in 2018 and refactor code to increase the software performance and support 5 million users.  We work with our design team to make this experience engaging for effective learning. We practice agile and scrum and strive to continuously improve.


  • Responsible time off
  • 100% remote work/work from anywhere
  • 401k
  • Health/dental
  • Profit sharing

Joel Test

Source control
One-step build
Daily builds
Bug database
Bugs fixed before writing new code
Up-to-date schedule
Quiet working conditions
Best tools that money can buy
Code screening
Hallway usability testing
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Backend and DevOps (Kubernetes, Docker, Terraform, Ansible, Python, Graphql) at FineTune Learning