Cofounder (paid) • Boston or Remote •

Hakeema published 7 months ago




Hakeema | Cofounder (paid) | Boston or Remote |

We're a small startup that runs like an ashram. Peaceful, low stress, but still we get a ton done everyday. We're helping turn up the lights on meaningful industries by building a platform that allows analysts to gather, organize, and track insights in their industry. We have EdSurge, World Econ Forum, IDB as some of our clients.

What's needed in our team: we are a team of an engineer, a generalist who codes, and a remote ops team. I'd love a natural-born hustler (a VP of Growth, a renaissance sales exec, etc) or a data-minded CTO (tech stack is node, vue, python) to join as a paid co-founder. The pay would be well below market but enough to keep you from using savings. We're looking for exceptional proven people who love the garage stage of startups and want to have significant equity without burning into their savings.

My email is [email protected]