Senior Front End Developer (US only please)

Threshold published 2 years ago

$114k - 176k

Senior, Lead, Contract

No office location

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Senior Front End Developer (US only please)

Threshold | No office location
$114k - 176k Remote

About this job

Job type: Contract
Experience level: Senior, Lead
Role: Frontend Developer
Industry: Arts, Computer Software, Web Technology
Company size: 1-10 people
Company type: Private

Remote details

Preferred Timezone: (GMT-08:00) Pacific Time +/- 4 hours


Job description

We're creating a progressive web app to help artists find their fans anywhere around the world and perform in their fans' home or business and, in so doing, gain a sustainable living wage.

We've received a top-tier grant from Google's startup program by the Director of Engineering and Head of Startup Programs who have both shown deep interest in what we're building from both a technical and cultural level.

The back end of our PWA is very well architected and about 85% complete. It was developed by Henrik Joreteg using Preact (a faster alternative to React), Parcel, and Workbox with a focus on light weight and highly performant code. 

Henrik has been an outspoken and internationally recognized proponent of web-first development. He was the Lead Architect on Starbucks’ recent PWA (which was highlighted at Google I/O 2018) and is now helping a Fortune 10 company build theirs. 

Henrik has created extensive documentation and hours of screencasts explaining the architecture decisions as it was being built, so it should be relatively straightforward for a senior-level developer to jump right in.

Before applying, we want to make sure everyone understands that this is a contract position. While Threshold has been offered seed funding from several investors, we're currently bootstrapping the business so that we can keep focused on our mission: to help bring artists a living wage. Based on our forecasts, we have about a 2 year runway to become self-sustaining– something we think is definitely feasible should we execute well. But, like any startup, there's an inherent risk.  

In addition, because we’re a small company with limited HR resources, we can only hire people within the US at this time. That being said, if you're a world class developer and feel like this would be a perfect fit for your skills, personality, and worldview feel free to apply and we will put you on our list should we expand in the future. 

Thanks for your understanding. 

Life at Threshold

About Threshold

Threshold is a startup based in Spokane, WA. We’re a small team with bold dreams to be the global leader in home-based entertainment.

At the core of our company is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that helps artists– musicians, authors, subject-matter experts, or anyone else with a fanbase– find their fans anywhere around the world, set up shows at their fans' home or business, and–here’s the best part– make a sustainable living wage.

Everything we do at Threshold is driven by our 'humans-first' philosophy.

This is why we chose to become a Public Benefit Corporation– to create a charter that holds us accountable, not solely for the creation of profit, but for the betterment of the people and communities we serve. We could create an innovative platform with awe-inspiring engineering and 10X revenue growth, but if it separates users from the better parts of their humanity it will have been an utter failure.

We’re looking for developers who feel similarly, people who not only have high technical chops, but people who are also driven to make the world a more inclusive, friendly, and balanced place for everyone.

If you love the arts, other human beings, and the potential that technology offers to better the world you'll love working with us. Egotists, hermits, and the indifferent need not apply.  


  • Generous Compensation
  • Remote Work
  • Flexible work hours
  • Emphasis on Work / Life Balance
  • Interesting and complex technical challenges
  • Push the boundaries of web technology
  • Create technology for good
  • Be a part of an inclusive, human-centered Public Benefit Corp.
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Senior Front End Developer (US only please) at Threshold