Virtual Assistant Part Time Only

BASU.COM published a year ago

$25k – $30k · No equity


San Francisco Bay Area, Orinda


All you can eat donuts and coffee! What more can you ask for?

Job Description

Seeking virtual assistant to complete tasks administrative in nature. Research tasks and similar. Pay is $30/hr and remote or office is OK. Approx 16 hrs per week. Efficiency and accuracy critical.

CRM, Email, Salesforce, Speed, Accuracy And Attention To Details
$25k – $30k
No equity

What We're Building

We build products that are engineered to help keep you mobile.

To create superior products that provide long-term value for customers by significantly improving their lives.

We will lead as the innovator in every product category we serve.

Our culture focuses on the customer first and foremost. We value integrity first, service before self, and excellence in all we do.


Entrepreneurship, Product development, product management, co-Founder of, co-founder at B A S U (Formerly ROBOCOPP), IoT, personal safety.
3D PRINTING enthusiast
Berkeley Undergrad, experience in running a school newspaper, local record label business manager, ambassador/translator for local Sister City Organization.
Co-founder @EastBayArtsHS @CityLeagueChampions; Educational Leader, Creative Consultant, Teacher; School of Hard Knocks
Sales, Marketing and People-Specialist with a focus on heart, empathy and a passion for getting to know you.


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Your 24/7 Guardian Angel
Ultra Compact Siren 120dB
"Hi Sam! I was so surprised to see that not even an hour after placing my order I received an email with my tracking info. I have NEVER had that happen with any other company! I haven't had a chance to test it out yet but so far I'm super impressed with your customer service. I ordered two. One for my friend who lives downtown Denver. She works at a radio station and has a lot of events that she has to be in populated places at night. After hearing some of her stories I wanted to make sure she had some type of defense just in case. I am subscribed to Qcknd on YouTube and after watching her video on self defense and your product I made sure to make a purchase. From time to time I make solo trips to large cities. I also work at a bank so any defense/alert item is welcome in times of emergency. Thank you for taking such good care of your customers! Kourtney Brauer"
Sam Mansen, Founder