Senior Fraud / Risk Engineer

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So you’ve already read our about page? Perfect, then read on!

How we work

Our team is sprinkled throughout the world, with arms, cells, pods, what-have-yous in Oakland, Brooklyn, Montreal, British Columbia, the British Isles, Pittsburgh, Vermont, Paris, and Tokyo. We build our teams with care, attracting kind, smart, funny people who enjoy working together to help artists and fans worldwide. We use a bunch of online collaboration tools to work and entertain each other across time zones, and once a year we all get together in person for a week of trust falls and youthful misunderstandings (all ages welcome, no actual trust falls).

What we offer

  • Work from anywhere. You can work for Bandcamp from wherever you want to be, so long as the wifi is strong and your schedule overlaps with your team at least four hours each day. If you prefer a co-working space to your kitchen table we cover the cost, and you’re always welcome to work from one of our as-close-as-we-get-to-an-office offices in Oakland, Victoria, Brooklyn, and Raleigh.
  • Generous vacation (as in, no set number of days). We’ll remind you to take some, if necessary.
  • Family leave. We have common senseleave, so take what you need. If you’ve been at Bandcamp for a year, your leave is fully paid.
  • Matched charitable donations.
  • Health, vision, dental, 401k matching, and travel insurance, but these are country-specific, so let’s talk.

Senior Fraud/Risk Engineer

Bandcamp seeks an experienced fraud/risk engineer keen to track, restrain, and outwit an ever-mutating assortment of platform abusers. You’ll be the primary developer and expert authority on potential risks, playing a key role in growing a nascent team into a dedicated, effective, well-run operation.

In this role you will:

  • Work closely alongside developers from the systems, payments, and data teams to design and engineer risk-related solutions.
  • Implement dashboards and alerts to monitor areas of concern and improve incident detection.
  • Regularly gather feedback from front-line support about threat mutations and solution performance.
  • Work with new product teams in the planning phase to anticipate new risks and, when possible, avoid them.
  • Help the organization develop a shared, pragmatic, suitably paranoid attitude toward risk mitigation

You have:

  • 3+ years of experience in fraud/risk engineering for an online marketplace.
  • 2+ years of experience working with Ruby (ideally).
  • Inspirationally clear communication and reasoning, especially when things get “exciting.”
  • An in-depth knowledge of current abuse vectors and counter-strategies.
  • Warm knowledge-sharing ties to rest of the security and risk community.

To apply, gather the crumbs (starting with your cookies).