Infrastructure Engineer

Logikcull published 9 months ago




Headquarters: San Francisco

What we need:
Logikcull is a complex web application that sits on top of a distributed document processing pipeline that handles millions of documents each day. Current customer growth trends mean we have some serious infrastructure work ahead of us. Customers in 34 different countries (and counting) are depending on us. The technical challenges are staggering, but the potential impact even small changes can have is incredibly motivating.

As an Infrastructure Engineer you’ll help us build new iterations of the Logikcull infrastructure stack. We’re increasingly motivated to operate globally and across multiple public cloud providers. You’ll collaborate with other team members to design, build, and test new architectural patterns while supporting our growing application engineering teams.

What you’ll be doing:

Make sure our current and future customers can be successful with Logikcull
  • Take an engineering approach to improving scalability, reliability, and performance
  • Develop multi-region solutions in AWS and tools to operate across them efficiently
  • Develop multi-cloud solutions in pursuit of reliability and flexibility for customers
  • Document and build models for understanding the various components of the Logikcull architecture
  • Research, develop and document change plans for new infrastructure initiatives
  • Implement architectural change plans, guiding other engineers as needed
  • Perform capacity planning and technical risk assessments related to scaling
  • Develop internal heuristics for expansion. “If ____, then we’ll add another node.”
Support backend document processing engineers
  • Work with team members to capture and analyze performance metrics in document processing
  • Build instances, provision, spec and size underlying resources as needed using modern, infrastructure-as-code solutions.
  • Perform data storage analysis and design systems that will handle growth and recovery scenarios (MongoDB, Elasticsearch, RDS)
Support frontend application engineers
  • Provide support for centralized application logging and metrics (Elasticsearch, influxdb, Datadog, SumoLogic)
  • Use metrics to understand and design the next version of our application server setup
Be a great Engineering team member
  • Debug production issues across services and levels of the stack
  • Participate in a 24x7 on-call rotation
  • Share your expertise with us! We are a learning organization
Be a great Logikcull employee
  • Help us adhere to our core values
  • Participate in all-company events
  • Cheer for each other and help make everyone around you better

What we need from you:

  • Minimum of 5 years industry experience in Infrastructure Engineering or related field
  • AWS or other public cloud management and architecture design experience
  • [Bonus] Experience working in Azure
  • [Bonus] Experience developing multi-cloud solutions
  • Experience troubleshooting cloud based applications across the full spectrum (platform, infrastructure resources, application delivery, etc)
  • Experience with modern document based data repositories like Elasticsearch or MongoDB
  • MongoDB - 10TB+ shared/replicated clusters
  • Elasticsearch - 20TB+ clusters
  • Experience with Configuration Management, Infrastructure-as-code, and demonstrated ability to work closely with developers
  • Ansible, Puppet, Chef, Salt
  • Multi-env Terraform
  • [Bonus] Docker and Container Orchestrators
  • Experience working at a startup, ideally in a high growth phase is a strong plus.
  • Strong personal time and task management. There will often be competing priorities. Important vs. Urgent will come up frequently.
  • Bias towards data driven decisions. Can you show before and after metrics?
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills -> As a remote team this is crucial
  • Master question-asker
Culture Requirements
  • Engineering team members at Logikcull are highly technical self organized. Autonomy and trust go hand-in-hand.
  • Humility + Growth mindset. Nobody knows it all, but you’re confident you can learn anything.
  • Team player sans ego. Giving “props” can be just as rewarding as receiving them.
  • Thoughtful and detail driven, but also willing to take risks and experiment.
  • Fine throwing things away if they don't work out and able to recognize it quickly.

To apply: