Software Engineer (Launchpad Team)

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Headquarters: London

The Role

Launchpad is a platform for collaborative software development. It includes bug tracking, code hosting and review, package building, translations, and other facilities used by free and open source software developers. It provides essential development infrastructure for major projects such as Ubuntu.

We're looking for a Software Engineer to join the Launchpad team.

You'll be striking a balance between keeping our business-critical services running and expanding our functionality.

Things on our roadmap at the moment include:

  • Improving our code review capabilities
  • Modernising our web UI and improving our UX
  • Migrating our infrastructure for improved scale and maintainability
  • Support for building Docker/OCI images
If you love keeping large projects well-organised and well-maintained, care about supporting developers, and believe that tests are key to higher velocity and reliability, you'll fit right in.

What we have

We're primarily built in Python, backed by PostgreSQL, running on metal we own. We have some Twisted, some Flask, and some highly clean and well-structured Zope.

We work from home, we gather on IRC, and we meet up in person from time to time.


  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in English
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent in Computer Science or related engineering field
  • Ability to collaborate remotely with a diverse set of team members and remain highly motivated, productive, and organised
Things we're particularly looking for

  • Proven ability to consistently deliver robust code to production
  • Excellent “maintenance engineering” skills
  • Comfort with large, established codebases
  • Ability to own your work and its consequences, end-to-end
Things that will be useful

  • Familiarity with Ubuntu as a development and deployment platform
  • Solid understanding of the structure of various software packaging systems, including Debian/Ubuntu packages

Travel to international destinations is expected for 1 week at a time approximately 2-4 times per year.

Recent locations have included Cape Town, Budapest, Berlin, Montreal, and Brussels.


If you would like to apply, please head to our Greenhouse ( and submit your CV and a short cover letter telling us a bit about yourself and how you see us working together.

To apply: