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JavaScript/CoffeeScript Developers and Designers

Intellinote - The Team Productivity Platform


Reston, VA (Washigton DC Area)



Intellinote is a funded, fast-growing startup led by experienced team. All three founders have had one or more successful exits.

Our offices are located in an innovative co-working space in the pedestrian-friendly (and soon Metro-accessible) Reston Town Center in Northern Virginia.

We have funding, a viable business plan and traction. We're adding key members to the team to help accelerate our next stage of growth.



Intellinote sells a multi-platform (mobile, web, REST API) collaboration and note-taking platform for teams.



Intellinote is looking for super-smart, motivated, programmers/designers who can utilize the latest technologies to deliver the best experiences for our customers. We want developers who strive to be DRY, to continuously improve not only our product but our development practice, and who care deeply about what we are building for our customers.

The ideal candidate will join an exciting team executing a highly visible product in an agile, high-velocity software development environment.

Key Requirements:

- Should be familiar with Angular/Ember/Knockout, Backbone

- Fluency with all tools helpful and required for high-quality webUI development, including Bootstrap/SASS/LESS, Grunt, Bower, Yeoman, Jasmine, Protractor, Mocha, RequireJS, Promises, Underscore/Lodash, JQuery, etc.

- Ability to research, assess, and integrate open source technology for production use

- Familiarity with OAuth for security, Mobile/Responsive development, integration of libraries/tools such as d3.js, Modernizr,, Skrollr, Togetherjs, Impressjs, etc.

- Be able to work with local and remote team members via Skype, Jira and Intellinote

- Contribute to continuous improvement of development, QA and deployment processes

- Participate in deployment of Intellinote builds, releases, and support

- Maximize and promote use of Intellinote within engineering processes

- Experience with Server-Side JavasScript, Node.js or CoffeeScript a definite plus.


- At least 3-5 years experience with Web programming, particularly Javascript MVC libraries/tools, HTML5, CSS3

- Experience with or strong understanding of Single-Page application development (SPA)

- Experience writing to and improving REST services for web clients

- Should have experience with tools such as Git, Jenkins, shell scripting in *nix

- Experience working in live, production secure, multi-tenant environments

- Detail-oriented

- Analytical

- Focused on deliverables

- Problem-solving orientation

- Self-motivated, able to plan and execute work collaboratively with team members and management

- DRY-oriented, TDD-oriented

- Must be capable of handling fast-paced, dynamic development process in a startup culture

Education: Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent

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