Hi! I’m looking for a technical person to work with me on an early sta

Hi! I’m looking for a technical person to work with me on an early stage startup.

Hi! I’m looking for a technical person to work with me on an early stage startup.

I’m building a system which invests startups' cash reserves in safe, highly liquid money market funds which yield over two percent annual interest, allowing them to grow their reserves without compromising access to funds. Furthermore, the system integrates checking accounts which allow startups to process transactions quickly and easily, and offers an intuitive online interface which allows them to track their progress through key metrics such as net cash flow, burn rate, and predicted runway.

We’re just beginning development so you have the ability to make a real impact on our systems and work in an agile environment.

Experience with building web applications with complex interfaces, backend systems, and security is important. Languages to know include frontend ones such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and JQuery, as well as backend ones such as PHP, Java, and C++. We’re flexible with the exact languages you know but you should be able to build complex web apps which can handle a large user base.

Experience with building highly secure systems is very important, since this is a financial services system potentially holding millions of dollars and therefore having serious consequences if hacked.

Ability to work quickly while still doing amazing work is also super important. Some people can get the job done by a deadline, but it’s not clean code. Others can write clean code but not meet the deadline. I’m looking for someone who can write beautiful code and beat the deadline doing it.

Do things which leave me wondering how it was even possible for you to do them. Surprise me, in the best possible way.

With every person I add to the team, I’m looking for someone smarter than anyone already on it. Basically, each new team member increases the average individual intelligence level of the team. I’m looking forward to working with people who meet and exceed that bar!

We are based in the Houston area. Local programmers are preferred but remote is perfectly acceptable.

Interns, students, etc. are very welcome. This is a very early stage company so compensation would be a significant amount of equity rather than cash, so I don’t expect people with cash obligations to work here full time (but feel free to contact me to work on this as a side project).

This is almost a cofounder role. You get to build a great company here, while doing great technical work.

You can reach me at [email protected]

Looking forward to working with the best and the brightest!