Tax Accountant published 3 years ago

$8K – $9K · 1.0% – 2.0%

Full Time

Mexico City


Job Description

Creation of catalog of accounts.
· Collection of accounting stationery
· Integration of the policies with the corresponding documentation
· Elaboration of the corresponding policies of checks, income, expenses, etc.
· Capturing information in accounting system
· Preparation and analysis of the monthly financial statements
· Preparation of accounting based on tax provisions
· Supervision and accounting and tax advice
· Analysis and integration of specific accounts
· Reflection of all business operations in company accounting
· Financial analysis of the business
· Bank reconciliations
· Control and payment of employer's obligations
· Support in periods of financial, tax and IMSS audit
· Preparation of Electronic Accounting (e-accounting)
· Determination of the payment of value added tax VAT (monthly)
· Determination of the payment of income tax (monthly)
· Generation of catch line for normal and / or complementary tax payment.
· Provider Information
· Information on employment subsidy
· Informational of retainers
· Calculation of income tax on wages
· Calculation of income tax by assimilated to wages
· Depreciation for fixed assets
. SQL notions
. Notions of Open Office Calc

$8K – $9K
1.0% – 2.0%

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