Firebase Developer for developing intelligent backend webapps

Pit&Pit published 2 years ago

€30k - 60k


Hoogstraten, Belgium

- Hoogstraten, Belgium

€30k - 60k



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About this job

Job type: Permanent
Experience level: Mid-Level, Senior
Industry: eCommerce, Food & Beverage
Company size: 11-50 people
Company type: Private


Job description

Mission of our Frontend Developer

You develop the backend webapps of Pit&Pit for our staff in our warehouse and in our offices. You ensure optimal user convenience of our website for employees and clients. You create a fast and solid code that is well-structured and documented.

Goals of our Firebase Developer

Within your first weeks, you understand our repositories and the concept of our code base. You know the structure and grasp the what's, where's and why's of our code. You know the code and understand the underlying parts and foundations. You know our focus points. You will build your first tested and user-ready module of one of our webapps or cloud function from scratch by use of a clear API definition. You receive approval from the users and feel hungry for more.

Within the first months you will be able to elaborate a complete subproject or webapp, consisting of new and existing cloud functions and / or API's of one of our suppliers, from idea to operational product. Throughout the process, you communicate efficiently with all stakeholders to ensure that the result meets the demands and goals of the project. You make suggestions to improve working conditions and tools so that everybody can work in a more efficient and enjoyable way.

On the longer term, you will learn to manage the entire code base. You give shape to the building tools and manage large parts of the backend webapps You can easily respond to the needs and demands of the team.

Skills and competencies

  • Goal-driven - You are result-driven, focused, realistic and resourceful.
  • Responsible - Most of the time you will work on your own. You have enough self-discipline to always go the extra mile for Pit&Pit. You don't need anybody who directs or motivates you.
  • Persistent - You are motivated and have a heart for Pit&Pit. You are a go-getter. The possibilities in IT are endless: if you can explain it, you can program it. You love challenges.
  • Energetic - You work hard, fast-paced, are vital and always want to go forward.
  • Good judgement - You have your own opinion based on common sense and relevant criteria. You communicate your judgment in a clear manner and are willing to re-evaluate it if necessary.
  • Vision - You are able to think ahead, you are aware of current market trends and new developments.
  • Pragmatic - You do not like to work according to rigorous standard rules because 'that's the way everybody does it'. However, you work very orderly and structured. You dare to think out of the box: "everybody said it wasn't possible, until someone came who did not know that" (which was you).
  • Innovative - Every day new, interesting projects and new opportunities pop up. An interest in new techniques is required in order to maintain the code of Pit&Pit efficient and up to date. New insights and chances energize the whole team. For this reason you have to be very efficient at putting the most suitable innovations in development into practice so that efficiency and stability are continuously improved.


  • Experienced javascript and Firebase developer
  • Experience with the consumption of microservices / API's
  • Proactive
  • Independent, responsible and accountable
  • Energetic

Life at Pit&Pit

About Pit&Pit

We believe that everybody should be able to enjoy a healthy life. We want to make our customers happy, without any frustrations or hassle.

At Pit&Pit we do not focus solely on our products; instead we sell solutions for our customers' problems. We provide an answer to their wishes, fulfill their curiosity, give them faith in and hope for a healthy and tasty life. We help them create cosiness, like cooking food for friends and family. We want our customers to feel unique and special, and we support them in their change towards a more wholesome and flavourful way of life.

Pit&Pit, based on the border between Belgium and the Netherlands, is on of the largest webshops in natural food, herbs, nuts, teas and superfoods in Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Passion for our products and our original and customer-focused vision on e-commerce have ensured a spectacular growth of our company in Europe over the last couple of years. Recently we opened a brand-new warehouse in Hoogstraten. The succes of Pit&Pit stems from a unique and extensive assortiment of quality products, a continuous striving towards full customer-satisfaction, impeccable organization and sustainable business relations. At Pit&Pit you will work in a young, dynamic team of ca. 40 employees and a small IT team.

At Pit&Pit we enjoy working together with highly motivated people. We find it very frustrating to work in a team in which not everyone is equally dedicated. Hence you will only find top talents at Pit&Pit; driven and enthousiast colleagues, full of energy and always with a big smile on their face.


Nice and friendly people to work with
Focus on fast and solid code base
Responsibility is rewarded
Dynamic team of highly motivated people
Flexible working hours for a great fit with your life
Remote work
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