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Part Time


US CITIZENS ONLY Contractor position with possible option to come on as an employee after a 90 day period. Duration: Approximately 3 months with opiton to come on full time. Hours Requirement: 20 hours minimum / 40 hours maximum Pay: $85 per hour Project Description: - The client is building a compliance dashboard app for the automation of IT security procedures. The application feeds from the Forescout API (Security/Compliance platform). - The application gathers vulnerability information and summarizes it using the type of device the vulnerability is on. The application also requires user input/configuration to answer Qualitative questions that are not machine-determinable. Technical Info: - The application is written using Nuxt.JS / Vue.JS and is wrapped in an Electron container for running on a user's desktop. - It will have a web server component (still to be developed) to maintain historical trends and other data using an Elasticsearch backend - Staging environment exists. Tasks and Deliverables: - The underpinnings of the app have already been developed, now it is a lot of tweaking, bug fixing, and feature development to meet all the needs. Required Skills: - JavaScript expert - Nuxt.JS or Vue.JS knowledge is a nice to have. - Document-based data stores (Elasticsearch). - Be comfortable working with large datasets (1 million+ JSON documents). - Node.js Optional Skills: - Experience with Forescout’s API Stack: - Frontend: JavaScript - Nuxt.JS and Vue.JS. - Backend: Node.js - Storage: Elasticsearch - Infrastructure: Local server - APIs: Forescout API, Elasticsearch API Engagement Highlights: - Very interesting product in the IT's Security/Compliance space. - Opportunity to work with Forescout if you haven't yet!