Full-Stack Web Developer / Remote job

Codeline published 19 days ago

$30k - 42k

Senior, Full-time

No office location

Full-Stack Web Developer / Remote job

Codeline | No office location
$30k - 42k Remote

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior


Job description

Gitesoft Development Agency is looking for experienced full-stack web developers who can work remotely. With over 20 years of the web development experience, the team members at Gitesoft are focused on the development of large-scale web projects and you will be a part of our team. You will be focused on developing various web applications and maintaning existing projects.

Technical Skills

- Hands on experience across HTML5 and CSS3 technologies
- PHP framework experience and a strong knowledge of Laravel Framework
- Expert knowledge of at least one of new generation Js Frameworks (e.g. Angular, Vue Js, React)
- Expert knowledge of Wordpress, high experience in theme integration, plugin development
- Proficient understanding of Git VCS

Education / Experience

- Preferably relevant bachelor’s degree around software.
- Advanced English skills, especially fluent in writing
- At least 5 years of web development experience.


- Competitive salary package
- Relaxed, friendly and positive company culture with young team
- Full-time, long-term contract
- Flexible working hours
- Cliff reward
- No extra work change with no extra hours will be requested

Interested in this job?

All applicants have to pass our test tasks in order to be evaluated. If you're interested in being part of the Gitesoft team, please follow the link below to apply and enter the test in our project management portal:

About Codeline

Founded in 2014, Codeline is a development agency with a hand-picked team of developers specialised and focused on web and mobile development. Freelance and enterprise software wisdom have melt in the same pot to fuse the best possible solutions.

Unlike most of the agencies in the industry, we narrowed down our service set to excel in what we do and deliver our clients a sustainable competitive advantage. We take pride on our work and aim to build up a highly ambitious and perfectionist team culture as a new start–up.

Utilising cutting edge technologies, best practices and scrum project management methodologies, we first keep ourselves motivated, and then this naturally brings good results to the table.

Our mission is to establish complete transparency with our customers to maximize the mutual trust. Working on the same project tools as if you are a team member and having such progress tracking ability on your own projects will amaze you.

At Codeline we know… reliability is key!

Full-Stack Web Developer / Remote job at Codeline