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Software/Cloud Engineers, Hiring/Training/Agile Leads • Nigeria • Full-time • Remote •

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a paystack helps businesses in africa get paid by anyone anywhere in the world . we raised a series a from stripe and visa and are a growin
Paystack (YC W16) | Software/Cloud Engineers, Hiring/Training/Agile Leads | Nigeria | Full-time | Remote |

Paystack helps businesses in Africa get paid by anyone, anywhere in the world. We raised a Series A from Stripe and Visa and are a growing team of 77 friends (21 engineers) with a mission to accelerate digital commerce in one of the fastest-growing economies in the world.

We're expanding across Africa and have people from as far as Canada, France, and Turkey. We help relocate anyone interested to where our offices are, but we're also determined about remote. Due to rapid growth, half of us are remote today.

One specific occasion we do require our people to be present at is our quarterly off-site. Four times a year, we fly you in for an extended weekend of jam-packed fun and company-wide check-in, and should you opt for extending your stay a little bit, we host you at our guest house or a sweet hotel. Here’re a few photos from our Q3 offsite (

We enjoy a close relationship with some of the most interesting technology companies in the world. GitHub CEO Nat Friedman recently swung by our Lagos office ( and we also hosted teams from Stripe (

Our engineering has independent infrastructure, frontend, and (multiple) backend teams that work closely with product, growth, and business. We deploy JavaScript on AWS, data on MySQL, maintain some legacy PHP alongside small Java services.

We're making great efforts to modularize and improve the quality of our codebases on a quest to embrace asynchronous processing and independent microservices on cloud-agnostic infrastructure.

We're very proud of our product, and we made a promise to ourselves to make our codebase a thing of envy.

So here's what we need; people better than us in every way.

We're a tight bunch of curious people hungry for experienced colleagues to take us to the next level. We crave highly skilled, kind teammates who hold themselves to high standards, and care as fiercely as we do about pursuing collective growth and learning.

A challenge to build a payments growth engine for an entire continent does not come often. It's an especially interesting time to join Paystack.

Our hiring is not very conventional and we try to personalize it. We mainly rely on working together on a sample, fictitious project. We'll recognize experience, insatiable curiosity, and an immense passion for sharing.

My name is Serkan. I myself have joined Paystack only 8 months ago when we were less than 35 people and have been leading engineering for the past 3 months from my home in Turkey. Please don't hesitate to reach me at [email protected] and let's begin chatting.