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Perl Expert with finance/trading background (and pajama aficionado)

Collective2 LLC published 3 years ago

$80k - 160k


No office location

Location Availability

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About this job

Job type: Permanent
Experience level: Senior, Lead
Role: Backend Developer
Industry: Financial Technology
Company size: 11-50 people
Company type: Private


Job description

Do you love wearing pajamas? Of course you do! Everyone loves wearing pajamas.

Do you know what's even better than wearing pajamas when sleeping? ... Wearing pajamas when working.

That's what you can do at Collective2, because we're a remote-work-only, distributed company, and we are hiring.

Who are you?

You are a Perl expert with finance and trading experience. Also, you love wearing pajamas to work.

Skills & Requirements

  • Perl expert. Yeah, no kidding. 90% of what we do server-side is Perl. Still a few of us left, and we refuse to go gently into the night.
  • Comfort with client-side Javascript/jQuery.
  • Required: deep familiarity with trading, investing, finance.
  • Ability to work remotely.

How to apply - (IMPORTANT)

Please include a cover letter or note telling us why you are right for this specific position. Please write about your level of familiarity with trading and finance. Please look at and use our web site. Do not merely send a CV or resume and call it a day. If this position sounds interesting to you, and you think you are a good fit for our company, please make an effort to tell us why.


About Collective2 LLC

Social Trading

Collective2 is a pioneer in the field of "social trading." What is social trading? Social trading takes the activity of "investing" -- which previously happened only in private, like some kind of embarrassing biological process -- and brings it out into the sunshine so that other people can watch and benefit.

On Collective2's web site, you can find traders and investors that you like and admire, and follow along with them in your own brokerage account. Alternately, if you're a good trader, you can attract followers (and earn extra money doing so).

So Collective2's business touches a lot of interesting areas: finance, trading, automation, algorithms, big-data, risk analysis.

Remote Only

Collective2 is a "distributed" company - no central office, no cubicles, no pointy-headed managers. We are a team of men and women working together, full-time, from homes and coworking facilities all over the world.

We are a small company. We try to keep things on a human (and humane) scale. No politics, no corporate B.S.

Because we are small, every software developer has tremendous responsibility. We'll keep you challenged and happy.

And finally:

Be honest with yourself. The idea of working remotely sounds appealing, but it drives some percentage of the population bat-shit crazy. If you need proximity to warm human flesh, a foosball table, or a communal water cooler, this position probably isn't for you. But if you want to live anywhere you like in the world, dream of giving up your commute, and like the idea of working from the quiet and peace of your home, it might be perfect.


Competitive salary
Live anywhere, work anywhere
No commute!
Independent working environment
Flat structure

Joel Test

Source control
One-step build
Daily builds
Bug database
Bugs fixed before writing new code
Up-to-date schedule
Quiet working conditions
Best tools that money can buy
Code screening
Hallway usability testing
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