Signal Biometrics

Electronic Design Engineer • London • ONSITE • Full-time •

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Signal Biometrics | Electronic Design Engineer | London | ONSITE | Full-time |

SIGNAL Biometrics is creating the next generation of remote vital signs monitoring. Alongside high profile partners such as the Global Institute for Motor Sport Safety and the Formula One World Championship, SIGNAL aims to bring biometrics to the center-stage, in any environment

This has been a big year for us, and we're now on the lookout for someone willing to take ownership of some of our hardware products. The ideal candidate should be able to go from PCB design to production, and willing to do a bit of everything.They should also be able to deal with the pros & cons of a startup; attitude & communication outclass skills as far as we're concerned

You must be able and willing to work in the UK and/or elligible for a Tier 5 visa (hey there, Canadians & Australians)

Perks include: any & all tools you need; flexible schedule; company options; visa/flight refund; direct involvement in operations; traveling for work (if you like that); access to F1, Formula E & other motorsports events; reasonable & decent human colleagues

Experiences we're looking for: BLE, Cypress toolchain & products, C/C++, Eagle, 3D modeling/printing, ability to explain complex electronic processes to labrador-level human colleagues

Reach out to me directly if you want more info (Sam): scousin × signal · bio