Embedded Security Engineer (ESE) at CUJO

CUJO published 4 years ago

$30K – $50K · 0.0% – 0.25%

Full Time

Los Angeles, Silicon Valley, Sacramento

About CUJO

Imagine being one of the first 30 people at GoPro or Nest! We are looking for ambitious individuals who are motivated to build the next big thing in connected devices. Join a seasoned team working on a revolutionary consumer product. CUJO is fully funded and working relentlessly while having a lot of fun.

Job Description

Embedded Security Engineer (ESE) at CUJO

About us

CUJO LLC is an information security startup. Our goal is to secure a
user's home, with a focus on IoT devices. We are headquartered in
California, with another office in Kaunas, Lithuania.

What are we looking for

We are looking for someone to join our appliance team. Your tasks will

- enhancing the overall reliability of our product;
- working on new features (from abstract discussions to coding);
- assisting our QA and cloud teams with your security expertise.

The ideal candidate will have previous experience in the Information
Security field. Contributions to opensource projects are a plus. If you
are reading this text through less(1), then you should seriously
consider applying for this job.

What we offer

- Flexible hours;
- Equity incentive;
- Ability to work on a tremendously important and challenging project.

Your technical profile

~ Embedded

You will be comfortable programming in a UNIX-like environment (well, as
UNIX-like as Linux gets nowadays). You will have a deep understanding of
C and shell scripts (experience with shells other than Bash is a plus).
Previous exposure to ARM or MIPS is a plus.

You will be familiar with the steps involved in building the code you
write, i.e you will know what a cross-compilation toolchain is, how it
is structured, and the difference between a compiler and a linker.

You will also be familiar with how your code is executed in real life,
i.e you will know what ELF is, the difference between a shared and
static binary, and how a program is structured and mapped in memory.

~ Network

The basics. You will know what ARP, Ethernet, IPv4, TCP, UDP, ICMP, DNS,
HTTP and HTTPS are, and how these acronyms relate to each other. You
will also be able to read an RFC and understand a new protocol. You also
must have a strong opinion about IPv6, one way or the other.

~ Security

You will be familiar with secure coding practices in C and shell
scripts. You will be familiar with exploitation & mitigation techniques.
Although a seasoned C developer, you will be expected to explain the
difficulty (impossibility?) to write secure code in C.

You will have a solid understanding of cryptographic principles and
solutions. You will know what Diffie-Hellman is, and the difference
between RSA and AES (really). You will also have worked with and
deployed solutions using crypto in real life.


Information Security, C, Network Security, Security
$30K – $50K
0.0% – 0.25%
Visa Sponsorship

What We're Building

As seen at Disrupt Battlefield NY 2016:

CUJO is a smart firewall that protects your connected home from criminal hackers. Using a combination of cloud services, machine learning, and mobile apps to manage your network, CUJO's revolutionary plug-n-play solution is your virtual guard dog against identity theft, financial fraud, device destruction, and other home hacks.

Why does this matter? With 50 billion IoT devices all aspects of our life are becoming truly connected. Half of Americans have been hacked last year, partially because traditional security software cannot protect all of our smart devices. Unsurprisingly, IoT security is projected to become a $28.9B market by 2020. CUJO allows you to enjoy a peace of mind at home without having to disconnect.

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Founder @CUJO • Studied at @University of Southern California. Top 100 Innovator by Goldman Sachs. YPO LA.
Experienced senior engineer and team leader. Focused on java stack, distributed systems and scalability.
Versatile back-end developer, comfortable working in a DevOps/Startup environment. Interested in computer vision, algorithms, big data, scalability topics.
CoFounder/COO @CUJO • Founder @Mapscure • Supply Chain Operations at @Apple • Silicon Design Management • Studied at @UC Berkeley Haas School of Business


Business level Internet security to guard home devices