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**Please apply by completing this** [form]( Please give examples that showcase the required skills identified in this job description. **Position Overview** Clarity, a Series A clean-tech startup, is looking for an experienced full-stack tech lead to spearhead our software team and join the mission of bringing clear air to the world. He or she will drive the technical evolution of our IoT sensor data pipeline, customer-facing web applications, and data analysis tools. Clarity is a globally distributed organization with headquarters in Oakland, CA. **Our Company** At Clarity, we strive to empower the world to reduce air pollution. We do that by making it accessible for cities and industries to measure and understand their air pollution issues and take effective action. Today, when cities and industrial facilities want to measure air quality at a site they have to purchase expensive monitoring equipment and invest even more to install it in container-sized shelters and integrate its measurements into their IT system. This is unacceptable because it leads to the inability to monitor air pollution at important sites and ultimately to the inability to manage air pollution. We envision a world where novel sensing technology, IoT and cloud computing simplify air quality measurement, enabling cities and industrial facilities to scale up the number of monitoring sites and take data-driven action. Our Sensing-as-a-Service solution for air quality is currently deployed in over 70 cities across 30+ countries and is changing how municipalities and industrial facilities monitor their air quality. After successfully raising our Series A (a few words from our investors [here]( and [here](, we are excited to keep building on our current success elevating our product to the next level, at the forefront of the clean air movement. This is especially true of our software products, where we see a significant opportunity to increase the value we provide to our customers as well as to expand the number of use cases supported by our Sensing-as-a-Service solution. **Our Team** We are a diverse group of engineers, scientists, and makers from all around the world who are passionate about what we do and devoted to our mission to improve the world by solving some of its greatest challenges. We believe in solving challenging problems by adopting a growth mindset, by fostering an environment that encourages deep collaboration, empathy, and creativity, and by keeping a good sense of humor. We enjoy philosophical debates as much as nerding out about the soldering talents of our HW engineers or the cool data visualizations we create. Although we always have our mission in mind, we know the path for any startup has ups and downs and we’re more than happy to face them together as a team. How else could you tackle a problem as complex and global as air pollution? **Job Description** We are seeking a highly self-motivated and passionate full-stack developer who is comfortable with both front-end and back-end development . As a Full-Stack developer, we expect you to work closely with other members in our Software Development Team (we have 3 developers at the moment) to see through projects from conceptions to final products. On the development side, you will work on: - Developing new web applications to deliver value and insight from monitoring data to our customers, as well as visual and user interaction designs. - Exploring ways to visualize complex time series air quality data and data from other sources (e.g. meteorological, traffic, land use, etc.) in a clear and insightful manner. - Developing new services, architecture, and technology to enable new use cases for our sensing-as-a-service solution. - Constantly improving the performance, scalability, and reliability of our system given the growing size of our sensor networks. Our product is multidisciplinary, ranging from ubiquitous IoT hardware to scalable data pipelines, advanced data quality assurance algorithms and insightful data analyses. You will enjoy freedom of action around these topics and be encouraged to take initiative for making our software offerings truly revolutionary in the clean-tech space. You will have plenty of opportunity to work closely with our customers and end-users who hail from industry, government, NGOs, community groups, and academia. We believe Clarity could be the right place for you to join the fight to environmental issues around the world by leveraging your software superpowers! **Qualifications** - 5+ years of experience in shipping production software for the cloud Great proficiency with fundamental front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and TypeScript. - 3+ years experience in working with geo-referenced data and relative libraries, typically Mapbox (Mapboxgl,, GoogleMaps and Leaflet. - 3+ years of experience with data visualization technologies, such as ECharts, D3.js, Highcharts, Chart.js. - 3+ years of experience in React (preferred), Angular or Vue.js. - 3+ years of experience in back-end development, preferably with Python, Node.js, Kafka, and MongoDB. - 3+ years of Experience in working with AWS serverless services, such as EC2, Lambda, Kinesis, DynamoDB, ECS, and API Gateway. - Experience in working with CI/CD tools, such as Travis CI. - Good visual skills and knowledge of UI/UX general principles. - Experience working remotely or as part of a geographically distributed team. - Mission-Driven: You feel a deep desire for your work to have a positive impact on society and the environment, and this motivates you to deliver great results. - Flexible: You are comfortable to work with a small and nimble team, limited resources, light structure and evolving requirements. You are ready to burn the midnight oil when needed. - Self motivated: You take full ownership of your projects and strive for seeing them succeed.