Senior NLP / Machine Learning Engineer

Avanoo published 5 months ago


Senior, Full-time

San Francisco, CA

Senior NLP / Machine Learning Engineer

Avanoo | San Francisco, CA
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About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior
Industry: Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Analytics, Business to Business
Company size: 11-50 people
Company type: VC Funded

Remote details

Office Location: San Francisco, CA. Employees can also work full time from this office.
Visa Sponsorship: Yes
Relocation Assistance: Yes


Job description

First, a bit about Avanoo

Have you ever wondered what the most successful people in the world have, that the rest of us don’t? No, it’s not a high IQ. And no, it’s not that they studied more than the rest of us at school. There are a whole host of attributes that these people embody, which are never taught in school. Things like perseverance, passion, laser-like focus, a positive mindset, and the list goes on and on.

Avanoo exists to help employees at Fortune 1,000 companies embody these attributes, through 3-minute-a-day video programs and deep analytics that help us understand what their people need the most and predict what sort of content can drive the most impact.

If the skills we learn in school are the applications we use to get through life, the attributes we help people embody at Avanoo are like the operating system.

We're doing quite well

We just completed our series A round of investment, grew more than 3x over last year, and unlike many companies in Silicon Valley, we're profitable.

We've proven over and over again that we can help enterprises drive real impact to their bottom line just through the magic concoction we've put together. For example, with one of our clients, they were able to directly connect millions of dollars in new product innovations after 2 years of working with us. 

The bottom line is, we're scaling so fast that our existing dev team can hardly keep up!

What you'll be working on

That’s where YOU come in: Helping us sustain this incredible growth, by building NLP algorithms to help us analyze data from our customers' systems, deeply understand their culture, and deeply intelligent and insightful reporting that enables us to continue to drive performance for their culture.

If being part of a team that is building the first-ever platform that tracks and optimizes the human operating system, then read on!

Skills & Requirements

  • 7+ Years software development experience
  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Solid grasp of OOP Principles
  • 2+ years experience with natural language processing

Skilled in at least a few of the following natural language processing techniques

Relevant NLP skills include:

  • Syntactic & Semantic Parsing
  • Word embeddings such as Word2Vec
  • Machine Translation & Compilers
  • Text Classification & Clustering
  • Search Indexing & Fuzzy Matching
  • Data Analytics & Error Analysis Machine Learning for NLP

About Avanoo

We're a team of passionate, talented individuals who are super excited about changing the world. The CTO, Prosper is a serial entrepreneur who founded his last company and scaled its platform to support hundreds of millions of users. 

We have all of the really awesome stuff you might expect in a Bay area startup, and more. But most of all, we all get high on helping people tap a little deeper into their potential, and we love to have fun while doing it!


  • Great culture
  • Stock options
  • High growth company, with high growth potential for all employees
  • Visa processing benefits to US & CA

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