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Fullstack Engineer @ Robotics Start-Up

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Full Time

30%: Wroclaw or Taipei + 70%: REMOTE

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t generation of multi purpose robot assistants into service across the globe aeolus robotics is a global company with offices in taiwan

Full Time / 30%: Wroclaw or Taipei + 70%: REMOTE

Fullstack Engineer @ Robotics Start-Up

Aeolus Robotics was founded to bring the first generation of multi-purpose robot assistants into service across the globe, Aeolus Robotics is a global company with offices in Taiwan, Poland, Austria and the USA. Integrating world-class, world-wide AI and Robot Systems genius with Taiwanese manufacturing aptitude, we are breaking new ground in general-purpose commercial-consumer robotics with capabilities in unstructured “human” spaces.

As a Fullstack Engineer you will help designing, developing and testing the complex Aeolus Robot IoT front-end dashboards used by multiple user levels and the back-end that talks to the Amazon AWS IoT infrastructure. From the final user, up to the R&D developer the Fleet Management System is the default go-to interface to interact with the robot for daily usage, debugging, performing technical maintenance and manufacturing.

You will:

  • Develop the applications foundation for managing a fleet of thousands of robots into multi customers sites.
  • Write front-ends (mobile apps and web dashboards) integrated to the fleet management system.
  • Write back-end AWS and AWS IoT integrations.
  • Interact directly with Roboticists, R&D engineers, Test Engineers, Marketing and Users in order to understand needs and improve the front-end code.


  • Strong fullstack skills for both web and mobile, likely frameworks on top of JavaScript, Python and HTML5.
  • Experience in writing clean, well-organized code with appropriate abstraction boundaries.
  • Experience integrating standard cloud frameworks and SDKs.
  • Exposure to IoT products deployed in high volume is a strong differential.
  • Strong communication skills and ability to work with academic partners.
  • Attention to detail and a passion for correct.


  • Flexible Hours & partially remote work:
  • This role permit flexible working hours and can be partially remote (up to 70%).
  • Contract work or a permanent position: we can accommodate you.

Company Description: We invite top-notch people with a passion for robotics to join us in this technical adventure. Among our many open positions ( you may just find your dream job, so make sure to check the whole list! As a well-capitalized start-up we have demonstrated our prototype robot at CES 2018, and have additional key members and breakthrough technological approaches to ensure success in this challenging field. Check our website for more, and search the web for "Aeolus Robot" to find some of the many articles and videos about our prototype demonstrations.

Aeolus Robotics Inc.

How to apply

Email your resume to: [email protected]