Senior Full-Stack Engineer / Product Manager / Partner • Full-Time • Montreal / Colombia • REMOTE published 2 months ago



N/A | Senior Full-Stack Engineer / Product Manager / Partner | Full-Time | Montreal / Colombia| REMOTE

We're a full-stack consultancy building software that outlasts us. We have a wide variety of interesting projects such as building unified data formats for neuroscience labs to share datasets, developing custom medical software for doctors, creating platforms for real estate agencies, and more.

We're growing quickly and we’re short on senior management and engineering talent. We're looking to hire senior full-stack engineers with strong Python and/or JS experience, knowledge in electronic health record (EHR) systems, who are driven and want to play a partner-level role in growing an exciting company. We have dedicated time for self-improvement, blogging, talks, and contribution to FOSS. Our goal is to be a workplace with a strong focus on learning, where the client projects provide a base of capital for us to all work on dream projects of our own.

We have an inclusive, transparent culture with a public company principles handbook. See more info and apply here:

If you have any questions drop us an email to [email protected]