Ruby on Rails Developer, part-time, long-term retainer

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Location Availability

i m open to other regions europe asia afrika as long as the time zone overlap can be arranged. application process
5 00pm edt. i require this your hours to be fully or mostly overlap ped with mine. location my first choice

Headquarters: US, East Coast

I’m looking to hire a talented, experienced, full-stack developer to work with me a part-time basis, starting in September 2019.

I’ve been working as the sole designer and developer of my products for the past two years. You will come on to be my 2nd pair of hands to help me build new features on existing software products, and help architect brand new software products. We will also spend a good amount of time “pair-programming” so that we’ll work collaboratively on technical hurdles and architecture.

I am looking for a solo individual. Not a team or agency. No exceptions.


All of my products are built in Ruby on Rails, so heavy experience in RoR is a must. I’m also looking for someone with strong command of Javascript, primarily writing vanilla JS.

Above all, the most important requirement is communication skills and the ability to collaborate and in some cases, teach me new technical concepts as we go along. You must comfortable and willing to be one daily-ish video calls and pair-programming sessions. If you’re new to this, but open to it, that’s great too.


This is a part-time position, working with me approximately 3 full days per week. I expect we’ll continue this every week at least through the end of 2019. The goal is continue well beyond that in a long-term working relationship. Potential to move to a full time position once revenue and work load justify it.

This is a fully remote position. My working hours are 9:00am – 5:00pm EDT. I require this your hours to be fully or mostly overlapped with mine.


My first choice is someone based in Latin America, due to time zones. But I’m open to other regions (Europe, Asia, Afrika) as long as the time zone overlap can be arranged.

Application process:

To apply, start by filling out the form below. I will select candidates to invite to interview. Of those interviewed, we will work through a small test project together, which will include some pair-programming and some work on your own.

To apply: