Remote Full-Time Work (Ambitious & Techy)

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Location Availability

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We're looking for someone with a lot of energy and ambition to join our team as an SEO linkbuilder. (You’ll be trained from scratch).

This is a great springboard into the location-independent lifestyle, and the kind of job I would’ve wanted when I first started working remotely. We’ll teach you a valuable skill set that’s not taught in schools – all while being paid.

We’re a digital marketing company specializing in SEO, and we run a couple of successful web blogs in various niches. This is where you would come into the picture.

We will train you from scratch to become a link-building specialist. This mainly consists of using automated email software to reach out to our network of website owners and having them link back to our blog posts. Sometimes you may be asked to do other tasks, such as setting up a new blog post (formatting, inserting images) or doing data-entry in Excel. Ideally, we’d see you grow within the company and move up to being 100% in charge of the link-building aspect of our business.

As the CEO of the company, I will personally train you and you will be reporting directly back to me.

**Who are we?**

Seotek is a 6-figure online marketing business operated by 21-year old Simon Treulle. He’s been working on his remote business for the past 3½ years. It has gone from a small business in his basement to a thriving digital marketing business operated remotely from Chiang Mai, Thailand. We’re a small team consisting of a few virtual assistants, freelance writers, and editors. In the future we see the company growing a lot, and would like to see you grow with us.


  • Please do not apply to this role if you are just looking for a “job” where a manager hands you daily assignments. In the future, you’ll be 100% in charge of this role, and eventually, you’ll manage other people below you.
  • While you will mainly be working with link-building, we’ll also sometimes hand you other tasks such as: doing keyword research, WordPress tasks, managing our social media accounts etc. There’s a lot of grind work required to keep a company running, but that doesn’t mean we’re not willing to hear your ideas for improvement.

**Here’s what we’re looking for:**

  • You must be able to commit 40 hours a week. You should not have other jobs on the side, as we will require your full attention.
  • You must be fluent (or almost fluent) in written and verbal English communication. You will be writing a lot of emails, so you should be good at email communication and negotiation.
  • You must be relatively tech-savvy. You should be familiar with Gmail, Skype and Google Apps, and managing data in a systemized way.
  • You’re high-energy, ambitious and resourceful. If you don’t know how to do something, you are willing to learn on the fly.
  • You must be good coming up with your own solutions to problems. We’re not going to feed you with all the answers. What is the capital of France. Answer this in your application.
  • You should be excited about helping us build and improve our systems and processes
  • You are just as comfortable sharing critical feedback as you are at receiving it


  • Remote work. Work from anywhere in the world as long as you have great WiFi
  • Learn a valuable skill set that’s not taught in schools. This is the perfect springboard for launching your own remote business in the future.
  • Work with a flexible and motivated team with the ability to tie results in the organization directly to your actions.
  • You can work your way up in the company


  • We’ll teach you from scratch, and we want you to move up to eventually be in charge of our linkbuilding. You will then have people under you, that you will be in charge of.
  • This will start out as a part-time position, and we will gradually increase the hours from 20 hours a week to 40 hours a week (full-time)
  • Flexible work hours – We don’t care when you work as long as we have a couple of hours overlap each day.

**Interested? Here’s how to apply:**

  1. Record a YouTube video explaining who you are, and why you are a good fit for the position. Include it in the application.
  2. Fill out the job application here:

Application deadline: 20th of March

Job starts: ASAP

Good luck, and I look forward to talking to you.

- Simon Treulle, owner of Seotek