Senior Software Engineer (Innovation)

Canopy published 2 months ago


Full Time

U.S. Remote

Canopy is looking for an innovation focused software engineer to help rapidly build and test core company theories. Canopy's Innovation team is a group of highly skilled engineers, designers, and hustlers who are working as scouts for Canopy to help gather and present evidence on our future paths we can take. They often work with little to no spec's and have the highest initiative in the company. You are someone who can take a rough set of company goals and do both a competitive analysis on potential options and build a prototype that will empower Canopy to determine the cost of fully moving in a new direction. You will need a high amount of initiative and exposure to each part of the development, project management, and even product process to skillfully accomplish your goals. For additional context we might ask you to spend 2 weeks researching and building a prototype of an integration of a new Canopy partner, or to spend a week researching and building a prototype for a new compliance based need. Our goal is to work with you to provide an ordered list of challenges that we need solved, and for you to work autonomously to accomplish those goals. It would be ideal if you were to use similar tooling as our core products but it is not required. It is expected that you will need to engage with various members of Canopy to accomplish your goal. ie there are other specialists at Canopy both in engineer and across the board who can help you.