Senior Cloud/Kubernetes Engineer

Luna published 2 years ago

$60k - 120k | Equity

Senior, Full-time

Kraków, Poland

Senior Cloud/Kubernetes Engineer

Luna | Kraków, Poland
$60k - 120k | Equity Remote Visa sponsor Paid relocation

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior
Role: System Administrator
Industry: Cloud Computing, Data Science, Software Development
Company size: 11–50 people
Company type: VC Funded

Remote details

Office Location: Kraków, Poland. Employees can also work full time from this office.
Visa Sponsorship: Yes
Relocation Assistance: Yes


Job description


Luna is looking for a senior cloud software engineer to take charge of the design, development, and evolution of the new SaaS offering for Luna, a project said by Singularity University to have the potential to change the lives of one-billion people. If you bring strong technical skills and have a passion for collaboration, this role could be for you.

As a senior cloud software engineer, you'll be leading the effort to design and develop our new SaaS offering, providing a web-based version of Luna to our clients. Your work will be integral to the next phase of Luna's development, as we expand our offering beyond the open-source project. You'll be able to work with a world-class team of skilled engineers, community managers, and business developers (from Bloomberg, GitHub and PayPal to name a few), and put your indelible stamp on Luna's future.

What You'll Do

As a senior cloud software engineer you'll be in charge of building the SaaS offering for Luna, hosting both the language and its IDE in the cloud. This will involve:

  • Working closely with the internal teams to design a secure and scalable SaaS architecture.
  • Developing a SaaS solution based upon that design with robust tooling and reliability, as well as inbuilt support for collaboration.
  • Hosting the architecture on a cloud provider without becoming too dependent on any one given platform.
  • Contributing to the evolution of this vibrant open-source project by bringing a new component to its ecosystem and product offering.

The Skills We're Looking For

We have a few particular skills that we're looking for in this role:

  • 3+ years experience in designing secure, scalable, and collaboration-ready SaaS architectures.
  • A strong commitment to security and scalability that permeates your approach to design.
  • Experience with Kubernetes deployment and administration using EKS.
  • Practical knowledge about AWS networking and storage architectures, and how they integrate with Kubernetes.
  • Experience managing AWS resources using Terraform.
  • Experience working in an SRE capacity on monitoring, incident handling and continuous service improvement.
  • Experience building and delivering CI/CD pipelines to ensure service stability and reliability.
  • Experience employing Devops practices such as the 'continuous everything' and 'everything as code' styles of work.
  • Experience working with Git, and preferably GitOps.

It would be a big bonus if you also had:

  • Skills working with Azure and GCP to help expand beyond AWS in the future.
  • Experience working with Scala is a big plus.
  • Experience working in close conjunction with multiple product teams to ensure that the solutions you provide meet their needs.

Life at Luna

About Luna

About Luna
Luna is an award-winning general-purpose programming language and data-science platform, selected by NASA and Singularity University as a technology with the potential to impact the lives of one-billion people worldwide. It spans the entire stack, from high-level visualisation and communication, to the
nitty-gritty of running backend services in a single language. With inbuilt capabilities for visualisation and a dual-syntax architecture, the possibilities are limitless.

At Luna, we have a world-class team, with developers, community managers, and business developers from all walks of life and backgrounds, and work in close collaboration with industry advisers such as Robert Gentleman, the creator of the R programming language and computational biologist at 23andMe, and Edward Kmett, a skilled language designer and machine intelligence researcher at MIRI.

We welcome anybody to our team, as long as you have the desire and drive to see Luna succeed.


  • Team built around the Humility, Respect, and Trust ideology.
  • Flexible working hours, possible part / full time remote work.
  • Work in a small team of world-class engineers and make impact on Luna.
  • Competitive compensation + possibility of equity as time goes on.
  • Equality, diversity & inclusion.
  • We've got standing desks in our office (no one uses them though :P).

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Senior Cloud/Kubernetes Engineer at Luna