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Senior Test Engineer

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Senior, Full-time

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Senior Test Engineer

BiTE interactive | No office location

About this job

Job type: Full-time
Experience level: Senior
Role: Mobile Developer, QA/Test Developer


Job description

BiTE has an opening for a Senior Test Engineer to work fully remote. We're looking for someone who is an expert at both manual and automated testing to lead our QA efforts at BiTE. The ideal candidate is a skilled developer who is passionate about quality and effective collaboration between Development and QA.

***Candidates must be US/ Canadian residents.***

We are looking for great developers to add to our rapidly growing team. Great developers are craftsmen who add value throughout the entire app process from initial strategy until final release. They iteratively improve our tools, find opportunities to automate, alleviate friction and strengthen our development process.

  • Required Skills & Experience
    • 5+ years developing test automation
    • Experience leading tasks throughout the project lifecycle
    • A strong passion to work in a fast-paced startup environment
    • Excellent communication skills
    • Enjoys interacting with clients and thrives in a highly collaborative fast-paced remote team.
    • Writes clean, well organized, well documented and well-tested object-oriented code, utilizing language idioms and tools appropriate to the platform
    • Thrives in collaborative programming environments with frequent peer reviews.  
  • Desired Skills & Experience
    • Experience with Behavior Driven Development
    • Experience with cloud-hosted device labs (e.g. BrowserStack, Kobiton, et al)
    • Experience with DevOps and CI/CD tools
    • Experience with mobile (iOS/Android) Development
    • Experience with Ruby
    • Experience with Pivotal Tracker, Github, Slack

Outside of work, we’re a tight-knit group made up of smart, fun, diverse, passionate people who really like each other. Our #random channel in Slack is populated with a dizzying collage of snarky memes, music finds, vacation videos, pet/kids pics, obscure tech news and kurzgesagt Youtube videos.  

If this sounds like a fit, we’d love to add you to our team. 

About BiTE interactive

For ten years BiTE has helped our established brands like NASA, Infiniti, Prudential, H&R Block and Eastmen and innovative startups realize the promise of software. We are growing rapidly and looking to add dynamic people to our team.

Here are a few of our core beliefs:

  • Mobile
    • At BiTE we believe in the power of mobile software to create revolutionary products.
  • BDD
    • We believe strongly in Behavior Driven Development and the power of insightful conversations to drive the development of our code.
  • Order
    • We believe order fosters creativity, productivity and innovation. There’s a certain euphoria to frenzy but it’s a false high that siphons focus and corrodes morale.
  • Progressive Elaboration
    • There’s always something new to learn and we constantly seek out new habits and tools to help us build better software.
  • Run Lean
    • Efficiency, trust, creativity and innovation thrive in small teams. We prefer quality over quantity.
  • Collaboration
    • Everyone on our lean team is here because they are incredibly smart, creative and talented. We value each team member’s background, interests, ideas and experience. We seek your input and heavily rely on cross-functional collaboration.
  • Experience
    • We value and reward experience. As a senior team, we only hire great developers who help make us better every day.
  • Diversity
    • Everyone on our lean team is here because they are incredibly smart, creative and talented. We learn from each other and value each person's unique experience, background and perspective.

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