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Cold Calling wizard for Sales Development Representative Role!

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Headquarters: Raleigh, NC


At Surprise HR, we’re committed to hiring driven people who light up with competitive glee from our team’s guiding principle: to derive a tremendous sense of purpose from the inner quest for excellence itself, being driven from within to make anything we touch be the best it can be.

We need high level cold calling SDRs to help book meetings for our world class account executives. This mainly includes a high volume of daily outbound cold calling to engage prospects.

Your primary purpose is to effectively engage with director-, vp-, and c-level executives and decision makers in order to get them interested enough to agree to a follow up call and meeting with our account executives.

You are the "first line" of the Surprise HR sales offensive, directly engaging with executives and setting our sales professionals up for success. You are responsible for filling their pipeline and ensuring they are constantly taking follow up calls and meetings. We have set up an intuitive and effective outbound sales engagement infrastructure and we need you to help drive it's success, fuel it's growth, and impact the company beyond measure. If this is a challenge that you would be very excited to undertake — read on.

Your Impact

As our Cold Calling SDR, and a member of the Surprise HR sales team, you will be responsible for achieving weekly targets in terms of the number of scheduled discovery calls with high-quality prospects for our sales team. This will require you to:
  • Make a required amount of daily prospect cold calls. Expect this to be in 400-500 range. We will provide an auto dialer and the majority of people won't pick up, hence the need for a high volume + cast a wide daily net.
  • Handle a substantial amount of follow up emails / communications to prospects you've spoken to on the phone.
  • Utilize organizational, process, and technological strategies to improve meeting conversion.
  • Collaborate intensively with sales team executives and be accountable for a high quality pipeline.

You need to deliver "Sales Qualified Leads" only to our sales executives. To be clear, these prospects must exhibit the following in order to be "qualified":

1) The prospect is a part of the decision making team.

2) The prospect has expressed a clear need for our platform.

3) The prospect has confirmed that the organization would be able to evaluate the program w/in the next 6 months.

4) The prospect has confirmed that the organization can afford to invest in the program.

... We will not accept any leads from you to the sales executives that do NOT fit this criteria, as it will be a waste of time for all stakeholders involved.

  1. Bachelor’s Degree in Business, Communication, Marketing, or similar
    1. Demonstrated academic achievement would be ideal (e.g. honors, Dean’s list, etc.)
    2. Competitive athletics/sports or other extracurriculars would be ideal
  2. 1-2 years experience in a high-volume, sales development role
    1. At a high-growth technology company would be ideal (startups included)
    2. Demonstrated experience handling high volume of cold calling. If you have NEVER successfully cold called, please do not apply.
  3. Is comfortable and has hands-on software experience with:
    1. Gmail/GSUITE
    2. Salesforce, Ring Central and automatic dialing software
  4. Excellent communicator + quick learner
    1. Demonstrated ability to effectively articulate sales propositions over the phone and be a gifted question asker.
    2. Ability to absorb best practices and create winning emails that convert to confirmed meetings
    3. Amazing listener. Be able to listen to the prospects reactions/objections, address them effectively and get them interested in further sales conversations + meetings.
  5. Career-focused and wanting to work hard in an impact-heavy role
  6. Incredible attention to detail and high level of reliability
  7. Ability to overcome problems and create spontaneous, working solutions.
  8. Incredibly reliable and always on time. This is critical; there's zero room or tolerance for unreliable people or people that have a tendency to go "MIA" during business hours. You must always be by your phone/computer and locked in + ready to make calls.
  9. Will be expected to be making calls from 9am-5pm EST, Monday-Friday.
  10. Must be highly effective autonomous worker. Although we have a robust communication and support system, this is a purely remote role, so you need to be able to work well on your own.
  11. You must have a working computer (can be PC or Macbook) and high speed internet.
  12. You must be able to start right away! Looking to hire, train and activate this role immediately.

What We Provide
  1. Call script (flexibility within the script from your end is allowed to come across as human on the phone).
  2. Guide / document of commonly asked questions and answers, plus other important training materials. You will be expected to study/memorize this guide, along with all essential information on our website, in sales/marketing collateral and other materials so you are ready to dispense this information to prospects on the calls at critical times.
  3. Means to send follow up emails to prospects you've spoken with and push them along the sales funnel
  4. Constant support and communications for any questions and problems that arise
  5. Necessary cold calling software + a microphone

  1. Weekly base compensation paid every Friday
  2. Opportunity to ramp up, take on more SDR tasks and start earning generous commission and bonuses. To be clear, you need to prove yourself first as a competent and effective cold caller before commission opportunities become available.

If you've made it this far, please go back and read the post again. Please make sure everything written above fits within who you are, what you're looking for in the next step of your career and is a role you confidently think you can perform very well in. We are interested in serious candidates only, and not people trying to make a quick buck.

If you do in fact fit all the criteria and requirements, and believe you can make a huge & immediate impact at Surprise HR, please apply right away and we look forward to speaking with you.

To apply: [email protected]