FUNcation by We Carpool @YCobinatorSS17

JavaScript JS JQM JQuery PhoneGap Developer + 1M CarpoolCoin ICO

$0K – $50K · 5.0% – 10.0%


Irvine, Los Angeles

About FUNcation by We Carpool @YCobinatorSS17

Have the urge to change the world? Love to solve hard challenges for humankind? Practicing green & social change? Wanna build a self-driving car? We Carpool is perfect for you! We're making carpool fun and social by helping people like you carpool to cool local public events like Dodgers game, Lady Gaga concert or just your local meetup. We hire fast and we fire fast! No BS allowed!

Job Description

We believe we can change the future of our cities for the better. Help people come home faster, breathe cleaner air, save energy and money and protect our environment. Change the world of transportation in your city with us! We're looking to add another good JS developer to our team. We're in Irvine but open for remote option as well. Cool perk: enjoy free carpool rides for life of your employment.

Of course you can work for Google but no you can't be employee No 6 there. Google pays you so you do not compete with them. You're better than that. Don't loose this opportunity of a lifetime. React Native is a plus.

Bonus: one million CarpoolCoin (ICO)
Why us?
1. Remote Work Environment! Yes! Cool!
2. Meaningful Projects impacting the world
3. Coolness Factor
4. Discounted and free Events tickets
5. Ability to Have an Impactful Voice
6. An Excellent Company Culture
7. Free daily transort to/from work (coming soon)
8. Get access over $25,000.00/month in free cloud and development software from MS Bizspark and IBM Cloud programs

Send link to your best code samples and fill out questionnaires and send back screenshots

Startups also give you more opportunities for mastery. You’ll be faced with a huge variety of tasks and you’ll constantly have to learn new things as you go. You might be writing database queries one day, designing a user interface the next day, answering customer service emails the day after that, and putting together an investor pitch deck in between. You’ll develop skills that will be useful for the rest of your career and you’ll learn to deal with pressure, stress, and risk. You’ll be pushed beyond your comfort zone, which is where learning really happens. This is why many people learn more in three months at a startup than three years at a big company.
In a startup, all you have is a bunch of guesses about what might work in the market, and the focus is on search. It turns out that searching is a lot more fun.
Even the “crappy” days at a startup can be fun. The ghetto office, the need to scrape by on a budget, the constant sense that you have no idea what you’re doing can all be terrifying, but also exciting. They teach you to appreciate the small victories in life rather than becoming obsessed with promotions or politics.

$0K – $50K
5.0% – 10.0%
Visa Sponsorship

What We're Building

They were raised differently… special group of people who seemed to defy the laws of physics by moving faster through space and time than the rest of us. THERE ARE CARPOOLERS AMONG US! They are the heroes who care about our planet Earth. Join us today and become a hero! #WeCarpool

AirBnB validated the idea that people will let strangers stay in their homes. We believe the idea that people will let strangers into their cars is valid as well. We Carpool helps people like you to carpool to fun local public events. Drivers get paid for gas & parking and passengers buying affordable seats for rides to events. Our customers are meetupers, conferences attendees, concerts goers, music fans & sports fans. We promote green & sustainable lifestyle by encouraging people save gas, save environment, keep air cleaner and save time while accessing fast carpool lane.

FUNcation by We Carpool @YCobinatorSS17 Team

The Mastermind archetype; Gamification expert; leader-entrepreneur with clear vision, innovator, hacker/won hackathons, software developer 25+, BS in CS & Math
Co-Founder of Inner Sanctum Entertainment and MCD Lighting. Partner at We Carpool.
Founder We Carpool